Thursday, 29 March 2012


This was for homework in creative writing. Had to write about a poem  about a mythological character. I don't like poetry and I can't do it very well, but here we are: 
Fighting through a storm of flustering feathers,
I grabbed two in my lean fingers
White, with speckles of brown. No sides were frayed, soft to the touch but they cut me when I thumbed its edges.
They fell into my hair and wrapped themselves tightly in. Embracing me.
They sliced through skin. Scraping.
I saw eyes that were eternity, dark pools that swirled and created warmth, familiarity.
He from his back he took an arrow, red tipped and dripping.
He aimed it at me.
 And with a smile he pulled it back, barely straining.
Nothing but feathers and lips too pink, like roses.
It struck.
 I stumbled forwards clutching the stick protruding from my chest
 I felt it. I felt everything I could feel.
 As crimson was spotting from me a dull ache reached into the stings of cuts
My ribs cracked one by one.
“Your heart opened as you fell,” he sang.


  1. This is beautiful. You're an excellent writer, m'dear!